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CAO News:

  1. Since the publication of the 2019 Handbook, some institutions have made changes to the courses on offer. Refer to the CAO website for updated information etc. on all courses available through the CAO.
  2. We have been asked by the CAO to encourage students to become familiar with the services on offer from the CAO, particularly in the Student Resources section.
  3. Two changes have been made to the online application form this year. As an added security measure, all applicants will be prompted to verify their email address if they wish to continue to receive emails from CAO containing personal information. After registering with CAO, applicants will receive an email containing their CAO application number and the verification code; they are then prompted to enter this code after they have entered their Qualifications and Assessments details. Applicants can also send a query to CAO from the new Correspondence section of their CAO account. This section contains a Communications History for all applicants, listing all emails sent to, and receive from, CAO.

State Examinations Timetables 2019

To view the Junior Cycle Examination Timetable, click here.

To view the Leaving Certificte Applied Timtetable, click here.

To view the Leaving Certificate Timetable, click here.

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